Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Timber Bifold Doors Bringing the Outside In

An Introduction to Timber Bifold Doors

Timber Bifold doors have been in use for centuries now and you can still find Bifold Doors in 19th century English castles through to modern day homes constructed today. Timber Bifold Doors effectively divide space between rooms within your home, and are also used to separate the indoor and outdoor areas. Although these doors are most commonly used to divide space for closets and the like, recent times have seen the ever growing popular use to open up outdoor living areas such as decks and patios with the internal living. They can also be used artfully to divide other spaces without having that utilitarian feel..

Timber Bifold Door Uses
Bifold doors are wonderful for segregating space in smaller areas such as pantries, closets and replacing conventional sliding or pivot doors to open up a larger wall area as well. Bi-Folds allows the least amount of wasted square footage to be impeded upon while still dividing areas. Bifold doors for example can separate the dining room from the kitchen or the living area from other areas like the outdoor deck etc. They can divide the family room from a study or simply close off a closet-like space that turns into a home office. Since the materials can differ for these bifold doors, being composed of many types of wood and glass, they can be utilized in many different decors and transmit many different personal tastes.

Interior Bifold Doors – Practical and Elegant

Interior Bifold Door varieties, such as those used in closets and pantries or room separators, are not the only way to approach the use of these doors. Bi-folding doors have been used for larger areas like restaurants entrances/doorways where the whole area can be opened up to the next room or to the outdoors with great architectural flair.
Sometimes the doors are used as a supplement to windows, even taking their place entirely. They can be opened up completely since they don’t require a frame in the middle and when a vast view or larger area needs to be opened and closed upon will, timber bi fold doors are perfect.

Why Use Timber Bifold Doors?

Bi folding doors can close out the harsh weather, or open to fairer conditions. They control temperature and air-flow and also divide the visual space effectively in a home. Bifold Doors can separate rooms from closets or pantries, be utilized in kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms, and open up the outside to in. They really can be used all over the house. Timber Bifold doors are exceptionally versatile for all your home design needs.
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